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Life Cycle Assessment or Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is a systematic approach to compiling and analyzing an inventory of life cycle exchanges between a product system and the natural environment.

Tran Sustainable Enterprises offer LCA Expert Consultation and LCA Review Services.

LCA Consultation
LCA Review Services

Life Cycle Assessment Consultation


  • Defining your study goal, scope, or system boundaries

  • Collecting and/or compiling life cycle inventory (LCI) data

  • Selecting and/or adapting LCI data from existing databases

  • Modeling complex production, use, or end-of-life (EOL) phases

  • Selecting and/or applying life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) factors

  • Parameterizing LCI and/or LCIA data for variability and/or regionalization

  • Report writing and results communication

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Life Cycle Assessment Review Services


  • For internal purposes; i.e., LCI checks and balances

  • To obtain verification of methodological decisions, system boundaries, and/or recycling approaches

  • As part of a formal panel, as in a comparative LCA

  • Provides ISO-compliant verification documentation

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Enhanced Sustainability

We provide Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) & Sustainability Consulting Services.

By combining LCA with Biomimicry we help organizations raise the sustainability bar.

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