What is Biomimicry and Design?

The Biomimicry and Design course will prepare participants to design sustainable innovations using the biomimicry philosophy and methodology. Participants complete a series of lectures and assignments to demystify the design thinking process, understand how to harness the potential of approaching challenges with a design mind, distill a design challenge, understand user needs, build a bridge between biology and design, use a methodology for discovering models from nature, abstract design principles from bio-inspired strategies, and translate those principles into sustainable innovations. The course is not designed to teach one how to be an designer per se, but rather how the discipline works in order to facilitate involvement of designers into the practice of biomimicry.

Developing Design Concepts & Prototyping

Those with a sustainable lifestyle will often take a basket or cloth bag with them to market, however these bags are easily forgotten, typically unsightly, and single function primarily associated with transporting groceries from the market to the home. The design challenge is to design a basket concept for the sustainably minded consumer with the following three functional needs and then prototype one of your developed design concepts:

Holds/contains fruits and vegetables
Hangs from the wall or ceiling
Aerates to maintain freshness of fruits and vegetables, i.e. breathable

Nastic Movement in Plants Applied to Architecture

For this project, we explored a biomimetic evaluation of the design of the built environment and compared the way our local city works to how the local ecoregion works in terms of ecosystem services.

How Your City Compares to the Wildland Next Door

For this project, we imagine that imagine applying biomimicry research to a client’s primary functional objective, which is: Adaptive Structures in architecture.


I had a lot of fun with this work because it is completely outside of the box as far as my career work in sustainability has been. However, I have been known to be a ‘tinkerer’ in my personal life so the experience was very gratifying! Additionally, I really loved the biomimicry thinking applied to my local surroundings.

Enhanced Sustainability

We provide Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) & Sustainability Consulting Services.

By combining LCA with Biomimicry we help organizations raise the sustainability bar.

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