Qualified & Experienced LCACP

Rebe Feraldi, owner of TranSustainable Enterprises, is an independent consultant, environmental chemist, industrial ecologist, LCA Certified Professional (LCACP) and Reviewer (CLAR) available for short- and long-term contracts and research assignments.

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LCI & LCA Services

Obtain expert guidance or assistance with Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) steps from collecting and compiling and/or selecting and adapting data, making system boundary or methodological decisions, modeling systems using software, to writing reports and communicating results.

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Environmental Chemistry & Sustainability Analysis

Rebe Feraldi has extensive experience using her chemistry, ecology, and engineering background to model exchanges between the industrial and natural environment for environmental sustainability analysis with integrity.

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LCA Reviewer Services

Need a study verified? If your completed LCA compares products and/or services, ISO standards require a formal review process. Ms. Feraldi is available for internal and/or formal panel LCA reviews and can provide review documentation satisfying ISO requirements.

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“Life Cycle Assessment is governed by the ISO 14040 series and international best practices; however, it can involve complicated modeling decisions often specific to the investigated product or service. Ask an expert such as myself who knows only too well: “not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts” — [Albert Einstein].”

Rebe Feraldi, Owner, Tran Sustainable Enterprises LLC
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